The trend of keeping chickens in the yard is certainly growing and there’s nothing like collecting and cooking with fresh eggs, however there are some important things to look out for to make sure your chooks are well cared for and lay lots of lovely eggs.

Giving them a well-balanced diet is essential. Chickens will eat almost anything so to prevent deficiencies and health problems, a wide range of foods should be offered. A good quality poultry pellet should be the mainstay of their diet.

Avoid onions and citrus fruits. Soft or thin shelled eggs may indicate calcium problems in your birds so make sure you’re feeding them specialized layer pellets.

Access to water is vital. Clean out the container regularly and make sure it is topped up, especially over the hotter months.

Chickens are generally a very healthy animal however, signs something might be wrong is when they begin to lose weight or go off their food. One of the first systems to be affected in birds is the nervous system, so tail dropping gives a good indication that something is wrong. When that happens it’s time to contact your vet.

When it comes to housing your chickens, it is vital they have somewhere safe and secure to live. Janine Zschech from Adelaide Chicken Sitting Service is wealth of knowledge when it comes to working out which coop suits –

Coops should be safe and predator resistant, well ventilated, have adequate perching and roosting spots and be easy to access for topping up water & feed, and of course regular cleaning.

Chickens make brilliant pets and as anyone who’s ever raised chickens knows they are brim full of personality. Look after them and they’ll be brim full of eggs too.




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