Finding a place to exercise and play with your dog is not always the easiest thing to find.

What’s needed is space for them to run around and enjoy themselves without the worry of roads, cars and pedestrians. Something that is secure and still has plenty of interest. Sounds like a dog park to me.

Dedicated dog parks are spring up all over Adelaide with local councils developing and designing spaces specifically for dogs and their owners.

The CC Hood Dog Reserve is Mitcham Council’s first park dedicated to the pouch and it has been a grand success.

This purpose built dedicated dog park, located at the northern portion of CC Hood Reserve, is fully enclosed by a 1.5 metre fence to allow dogs to be exercised freely off the leash in a safe environment under effective control. The park includes shelters, bench seating, water dispensers, rubbish bins, poo bag dispensers and play equipment for dogs including rails, posts and pipes.

The dog park at CC Hood Reserve was constructed in consultation with local residents, the Animal Management Consultative Committee and CC Hood Reserve Improvement Maintenance and Environment Group (CHIME).

The reserve is located at Eliza Place, Panorama, follow the signs from the corner of Eliza Place and Springbank Road, or the corner of Fiveash Drive and Grandview Drive, Panorama.

Dog Parks, like any park have a set of rules that must be obeyed if everyone, including your dog is to enjoy themselves. If it’s your dog’s first time at a park, give them time to acquaint themselves with their new friends, especially if they are puppies. Spend time with your dog to get it used to the open spaces and loads of activities and fun it will have in the space. You don’t need to take them off the leash too quickly. They’ll let you know when it’s time.

It is vitally important that any dog taken to a park is up to date with its vaccinations and of course, make sure they are registered.

It’s always great to see dogs out and about and really enjoying themselves. Not only are the dogs very social, so are their owners. You never know who you’ll meet.

I think dedicated spaces for dogs is a brilliant concept that works so well. What more could a dog need?

If you’d like more information on your nearest dog park, just head to the Tails Off The Leash website.






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