Whenever you want the right advice it always pays to ask an expert, right? The same applies when looking at pavers and retaining walls for your yard.

If you have no idea on where to begin, just say so. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the answer. And none better than Damian Hone, Managing Director of APC to talk to explain.

What’s new in retaining walls? The Versa Range of blocks. The Abdi Masonry (AM) range of Versa blocks is a fantastic new product line – Versa Smooth, Versa Stone, Versa Wall & Versaloc.

All are ideal for unreinforced walls up to .600 mm for:
– Vertical garden walls
– Garden steps
– Raised veggie or garden beds

And in the case of the Versa Wall, this is ideal for unreinforced vertical retaining walls up to .800 mm high.

All blocks feature:
– Light weight
– Quick & easy to use
– They are dry stack which means no mortar required
– Self-locating lugs on top
– Interlocking tongue in groove joints
– Knock of back wings for curved walls particularly when using Versa Wall.

Drop by your local APC store or head to their website to get you paving and retaining questions answered, free samples, installation tips and installation quotations.






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