Looking for a tough, no nonsense spreading, plant?

Then they don’t come much tougher than the Osteospermum Elite series.
These will grow in both full sun to part shade and don’ they look dazzling. Flowering practically years round, their main flushes are in spring and autumn and they come in a huge range of stunning colours – just take a look at these.
The Osteospermum Elite series are wonderfully compact growing 40 centimetres high and 60 centimetres wide these will look good in garden and pot alike.
Drought tolerant and good looking, there’s a lot to like about these.


Living Colour

I reckon annuals are one of THE best value plants in the garden and if you want to brighten up your yard this winter check this wonderful selection from Living Colour.

Locally grown Pansy Tumbles Mix is a superior-performing spreading pansy. Growing to around 20cm and about 70 cm wide it is more vigorous than any other spreading pansies.

Living Colour’s Pansy Tumbles Mix just loves the cooler months. Rain won’t worry its happy blooms, they hold up beautifully.
Available in Fab 4 4 pack range, plant out now and you’ll soon be enjoying a shimmering carpet of winter colour.


Adelaide Plant Growers

Mention the word – Bouganainvillea and apart from thinking how colourful and tough these natives from South America are, you’re also thinking about how big they can get. The good news is there are some new, more garden friendly, compact Bougainvelleas they are just the ticket for adding a splash of low water use and low maintenance colour to your yard.

The Bambinos have proven themselves as top garden performers. Flowering in a multitude of colours, have a look at this palette. Bambinos will give a flamboyant floral show several times a year and bring your garden to life. Growing to around ???
The Bambinos are ideal in gardens, pots, planter boxes and courtyard containers.

If you love Bougainvilleas and want something even more compact, keep your eye out for the new Babybino Mimi-purs. Growing around 60cm high it creates a lovely rounded bush which a colour haze of purple flower bracts several times a year that smothers the bush.
Keep your eye out for all these brilliant new plants and loads more, next time you visit your local garden centre




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