How many of you are wondering what to do to get your backyard up to scratch this summer?

Maybe it’s adding something new or redoing something old or just popping something that stands out. Either way, it always helps when you get a little bit of expert advice

Pools are an Aussie icon, the ability to cool off in your own backyard appeals to many of us – so for those wanting to take the plunge and add a pool to the backyard, what should we be thinking about?

There’s another, very important part of the backyard, especially around pools and that’s paving.

So to get us on the right track when it comes to all things paving – APC Australian Paving Centre

Of course adding a splash of colour always brightens up the yard. And I reckon flowering annuals are one of the best bang for your buck plants you can use. Even better when they are locally grown like this lot from Living Colour – locally grown means the plants are ideally suited for our South Aussie climate – check them out when your next at your garden centre.

What better addition to an outdoor entertaining area than a specially built keg and when it’s carefully crafted by a bloke named Gregg from Gregg’s Kegs – You can’t go wrong!

Whether it’s adding a new pool or updating your existing one, choosing the right paver, splashing around some locally grown colour or including a special feature in you entertaining area, there’s plenty of ways to spice up your backyard. And when it comes time to get the job started, always ask an expert.












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