Kim takes a look around Adelaide Botanic Garden and shows you the wonders that await when going undercover!

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is a joy to stroll around whether you’re a weekday worker or weekend relaxer. Spending time enjoying the great outdoors there is always a treat and, while having the trees or sky above is uplifting, Stephen Forbes, Director of the Botanic Gardens of South Australia, has a lot of good things to say about going undercover too!

Stephen explains the history of the Bicentennial Conservatory, the largest single-span conservatory in the world! After reviewing the conservatory a few years ago entry became free, increasing visitation 20 fold, enabling more people to enjoy the wonderful plants growing inside.

The gas which was used to heat the Bicentennial Conservatory was turned off recently to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An amazing 90% of the original plants have survived, resulting in a surprisingly better visitor experience with the ground cover thriving without some of the taller trees which were lost in the transition.

Kim takes us through the thatched roof Simpson Shadehouse, iron and glass Palm House, and Amazon Waterlily Pavilion – which contains the giant Amazon Waterlily from Guyana which has been grown in the pavilion since 1865.

Glass plays a big part in the undercover areas around Adelaide Botanic Garden which is renowned internationally as the only place in the world where you can see 3 or 4 centuries of the history of glass in one location. Stephen also gives us interesting information about the evolution of glasshouses at the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Whether inside or out, there’s plenty to enjoy at the Adelaide Botanic Garden!


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