One thing we want our tomato plants to do is grow big and strong. However if we let them do that without any support, your plants will flop everywhere and the fruit will touch the ground and spoil.

Head to your local Mitre 10 and pick up some garden stakes. There’s a few types to choose from – plastic or timber, your choice. Always go for the longer stake. Tomato plants can really grow. Grab a ball of soft tie and some goodies to get those plants performing.

Push in the stake at the bottom of the plant. Making sure it is secure.

Cut off a piece of soft tie. Lift up and bunch the stems against the stake. Working from the base, run the tie around the plant, pull tightly, and knot.

Do the same further up.

As new growth emerges. Keep tying against the stake. This allows more light to hit the plant and, as a result, more delicious fruit to be produced.

It’s always best to stake new plants straight away and tie them up as they grow.

Keep them fed, watered and dusted and your tomatoes will do their very best.


Mitre 10 have made an easy check list for what you’ll need to get the job done in the garden!

Staking Tomato Plant Checklist

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