Like any other animal horses need constant checks to make sure they are in excellent health.

What and when they need checking is a question for an equine specialist
I don’t get to see too many horses at my surgery, for a start they’d probably not fit into the waiting room. Thankfully there are vets who not only specialize in horses but also have special equipment to make the animals vet experience a pleasant one.

The Equine Health & Performance Centre is a brand new, state of the art equine teaching hospital based at the University’s of Adelaide’s Roseworthy campus. The hospital is a part of the Veterinary Health Centre at the School of Animal & Veterinary Sciences, and is committed to upholding the highest standards of veterinary care to equine patients.

Staffed by equine clinicians, surgery, internal medicine and critical care specialists and supported from Certificate IV veterinary nurses and final year Doctoral of Veterinary Medicine students.
As part of the University’s School of Animal & Veterinary Science, the Equine Health & Performance Centre is dedicated to the academic development of veterinary undergraduates, and provides a modern and dynamic learning environment through which our students can be exposed to best-standard equine veterinary practice.

There’s no doubt the horses that both live here and the ones that come for health checks and procedures are well loved and looked after and that’s so important.




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