Looking to find out what’s hot in the plant world? Well, here are just a few

If you love to stand out from the rest of your gardening friends here’s something that will really get them interested. It’s a Natal Plum from The Diggers Club.
Here is an ornamental shrub that not only looks the part but tastes it as well. Producing masses of star shaped ‘orange blossom’ scented flowers and juicy glossy, red fruit which is delicious eaten whole including their skin and seeds. The flesh is a sweet cranberry flavor and can be used fresh in desserts and sauces and it also preserves well.

The Natal Plum makes a very effective hedge and with its sharp thorns, an almost impenetrable as well. Because it’s tolerant of salt and wind, its makes an ideal coastal plant. And if you’re into Bonsai, give this one a go. For more information on the Natal Plum, head to The Diggers Club website.

If you’re looking for the allure of a deserted tropical island then you’ve got be thinking Hibiscus. Of course when many of us think of Hibiscus, we think big, but not with this new range.

The Hibiscus Rio Series are an absolute joy to grow. Growing to around 1 metre tall, their compact, low growing and vigorous habit make them suitable for any sized yard. Of course it’s the blooms that always enchant and the Hibiscus Rio series have a bounty of them for you to enjoy, especially throughout autumn. These are bound to become a garden favourite.

What better way to shrug off the coming winter blues than the smiling face of a Sunflower Flare Dwarf from Living Colour.

Everybody loves sunflowers and this locally grown Sunflower Flare dwarf is no exception. This annual is naturally dwarfing growing to only 40 cm tall. It produces masses and masses of big, daisy like flowers with perfectly formed vibrant yellow petals and rich brown centres. Plant them year round for a brilliant burst of easy care colour.

What if I told you there were roses that flowered their heads off practically all year round, needed very little attention and you could prune with a chainsaw – yep, I’d be talking about the Knock Out and Drift roses

Here are two ranges that are revolutionizing the rose world. The Knock Out family produce stunning displays of non-stop blooms that go on well into late autumn and early winter. Put away your fungicides, they rarely get a wiff of mildew or blackspot. Coming in a range of colours and growing to around 1 metre tall, the Knock Out roses make brilliant hedges or specimen plants.

The same applies for the new Drift roses. Here is the ultimate ground cover rose. Their low mounding habit make the Drift roses ideal border plants where a splash of constant colour is always welcome. Red, Pink, White, Yellow, there’s a colour to suit any garden décor. And no formal pruning or regular sprays on these either.

The Knock Out and Drift Roses are tough, no nonsense plants that still provide what everyone loves in a rose – lots of flowers.

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