Watching your fruit grow and develop is always so rewarding. The only problem when it gets near harvest time is who will be eating the fruit you or the birds?

Keeping birds and other animals away from ripening fruit is an age old problem. There are many ways to deter pests, some are more effective than others, however, the best way to keep your fruit safe is to put up a barrier.

Netting your fruit trees is simple and effective. Drop past your local Mitre 10 and pick up some netting, a few stakes, a length of poly pipe and few odds and ends.

Keeping your fruit trees pruned low or planting dwarfing varieties will make netting easier.

Hammer in the stakes at four points, just outside the canopy, around the tree

Cut 2 pieces of poly pipe long enough to loop just over the top of the tree and touch the ground on either side.

Tie an end of one length of poly pipe to a stake and bend the pipe over the tree, securing it to the opposite stake.
Do the same for the other length of poly to create a frame over the tree.

Unroll the netting and stretch out. A broom comes in handy. Place the broom head under the middle of the netting and lift the netting over the tree, allowing the sides to drape evenly over the frame.

Lower the netting over the frame and remove the broom. Work your way around the tree, pulling the netting down, so the tree is entirely covered.

Peg or place something heavy around the base of the netting to keep it tight and stop it from blowing away.

With your tree netted, get ready to enjoy that delicious crop.

Mitre 10 has organised a Mighty Helpful shopping list to get you started!

DIY Fruit Tree Netting

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