Outdoor timber furniture can take a lot of punishment from the elements so it needs a little TLC to keep it in good order. Adding a stain will help preserve the timber.

Give the wood a good sanding to smooth the timber and give a good surface for the stain to soak in

Select a stain. Ask your mighty helpful Mitre 10 for help to select the right one plus anything else you’ll need.

Give the tin a good stir, especially on the bottom to make sure the tint is even throughout.

Dip brush into tin no more than half way up bristle. Tap on side of tin to remove any excess stain.

Using long smooth strokes, apply the stain evenly on the timber. Wipe off drips over any edges as much as possible. These will show up later under the stain.

Once you start a section, make sure you complete it before moving on to the next area. This will ensure an even colour finish throughout.

After the stain is brushed on a section. Use a rag to rub off any excess stain. This helps to show off the beautiful grain and gives that piece timber furniture a real lift and adds years to its life.

Mighty Helpful Mitre 10 have put together a handy shopping list to get you started!

diy staining timber

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