South Australians have fallen in love with screening plants. What are we doing in our backyards that we don’t want anyone to see?

Screening plants are becoming increasingly popular among South Australians. One particular variety that is being used commonly are Lilly Pilly.

Kim talks us through the best Lilly Pilly varieties to choose for your garden. Some Lilly Pilly have psyllids – small sap sucking insects which primarily target native plants like the Lilly Pilly. These psyllids will cause a blistering, ugly effect on the new plant growth, not ideal. Luckily there are varieties which are psyllid resistant!

Two varieties of Lilly Pilly with this feature are Resilience and Backyard Bliss. Resilience has beautiful berries and will attract birds into your garden. Backyard Bliss has the same features as Resilience, but with the added ability to create a lovely topiary. Both these Lilly Pilly varieties grow to about 3 metres, however, you can trim them back to your desired height.

Lilly Pilly are an evergreen asset to any garden and are South Australian grown. When you head into your local independent garden centre or hardware store be sure to ask whether the plants you’re wanting to buy are South Australian grown, as this helps our economy and local growers, Heyne’s Wholesale Nursery ticks all the boxes.


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