What is it about us gardeners that when a click on fitting keeps blowing off we just keep putting it back on?

The reason many fittings fail is we tend to pull the hose and create a build up of pressure at the fitting it just can’t hold. If they fail once they’ll keep on failing.

Well here’s something you just might be interested in. An English company called Hozelock have been making click on fittings for 50 years and have turned evolution on its head by giving their new connectors a tail.

Easy to attach, this tail stops the hose from completely kinking which reduces the pressure and strain on the fitting and any likelihood of it blowing off.

The connectors come in both plastic and metal and this aquastop model means you can take off any fitting without getting wet.

Another ripper product from Hozelock is the Flexi-Spray. It can be twisted and bent into any shape for any watering job, and its adjustable nozzle gives 5 different spray patterns.

You can even turn down the pressure on the handle, if you are watering delicate plants, and if you are sick of balancing on a chair to water you’re hanging baskets then this Flexi-Spray is going to keep both your feet safely on the ground. We reckon it’s a beauty – you don’t win Product of the Year at Chelsea without being something special.


Hozelock products are available at Mitre 10 and Masters. For more information, you can visit their website.

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