When you want a paving job done, one of the biggest questions you’ll ask is – where and how do I find the right person to do the job?

And that’s a very important question best answered by a paving expert.

1st of all find someone local. This eliminates travel time for them, so hopefully that means they turn up on time & if the need arises they can easily return to do any repairs or any warranty work

A local tradie should also have local knowledge of the area or regions soil type, which may be necessary in determining what is required if your soil type is highly reactive.

Ensure they are insured.

Ensure they are licensed to do the required work. You can ask to see their license, which will endorse what type of work they can carry out. For example, some are licensed to do stormwater work & retaining walls over a certain height.

Do your homework on the tradie. Check out their website & Facebook page for reviews & pictures of work done. Check their quality of work done in your area.

APC have done a lot of the homework for you. They know the local tradies in your area and which tradies specialize in your particular project because they are local. For example some tradies specialize in pool coping & pool paving whilst others may specialize in retaining walls over a metre high. APC match the best local tradies to your project.

You can organise a quote on the APC website at; https://australianpaving.com/get-a-quote/ & they will match you with the best tradie in your local area using quality products from Adbri Masonry, who are now Australia’s biggest manufacturer of landscape paving, walling & other masonry products.

Just head to the APC website.






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