Everybody loves the taste of freshly picked fruit don’t they?

For those lucky to have a yard large enough to grow a small orchard well done, however if you have a small garden or maybe running out of room to plant and still want to grow your own fruit, what can you do?

Sam Luke from Balhannah Nurseries is a wealth of fruit tree growing information.

Sam suggests:
– Selecting a dwarf form fruit tree that will have a reduced canopy size but good fruit production
– Try espalier. Training fruit trees along wired will increase space and give an excellent crop of fruit
– Multi-plant. Plant 3 trees in one hole in a triangular formation approx. 30 cm apart. The benefits are easier to net, all plants will pollinate each other (make sure you have similar types), not far for the bees to fly.

If you’d like any more information about growing fruit trees and varieties to plant head to the Balhannah Nurseries website.






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