One of the most useful tools around the yard that often doesn’t get the kudos it deserves – the garden Hozelock sprayer.

From targeting weeds to pest control, they are tops. We do take them for granted. How’s yours by the way? Not working so well or not at all? Sounds like you’re in the market for a new sprayer, here’s a couple of top features I’d suggest you keep an eye out for’:

A wide bottle mouth makes filling simple and reduces spilling plus cleaning is so much easier

Using every last drop of spray also makes so much sense, which can be achieved when you have a base draining point like the one you’ll find on Hozelock sprayers.

A pressure release value makes certain you can’t over pressure and damage the unit.

Ease of use is important. Make sure your sprayer has a comfortable shoulder harness for carrying and you don’t have to lug around a huge sprayer. It’s better to have something you can comfortably carry and fill that a few times – guaranteed your back and shoulders will love you for that.

Another thing about sprayers, you don’t always have to carry them around. The 1.3 metre hose on most Hozelock models means that you can place and spray an area with ease. You’ll find a great range of Hozelock sprayers at your local Mitre 10 or nearest Bunnings store.

The important thing to remember is never fill a sprayer to the very top. Filling to around 80 percent capacity leaves an air gap that becomes pressured as you pump. It’s this pressurized air that forces the liquid through the spray nozzle.

Even though a sprayer can take 7 litres in volume, 5 litres is the maximum amount of liquid you should add to get the best result. Once this unit is fully pressurized, you generally don’t need to pump again. Bonus!
Before spraying, it’s always a good idea to check the safety and handling instructions in the manual and wear protective gear.

If you spray harsher or possibly corrosive chemicals like degreasers or disinfectants, then a heavier duty sprayer like Hozelock Viton sprayer equipped with a set of fluoroelastomer seals, stainless steel lance and 1.5 mitre hose, sounds like a good option. You’ll find these at your nearest Bunnings store.

Of course, once you’ve finished with your sprayer, give it a good rinse and let it dry. If you put it away in good order, it will be ready to go next time you need it. What a surprise!!




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