Mention the words ‘easy to grow’ and ‘hard to kill’ and you must be talking about architectural, strappy leaved plants like Cordylines, Dianellas and Lomandras! We take a look at some around Heyne’s Wholesale Nursery.

Kim takes you through some varieties of the very popular and hardy architectural, strappy leaved Cordylines, Dianellas and Lomandras.

Kim shows you the Electric Pink and Electric Flash varieties of Cordyline, which are clumping varieties. These varieties are not the ones which grow on a stem and have a tuft on top, they stay low. Almost like magic, the lovely Electric Pink Cordyline gets brighter and brighter as the cold weather comes in and becomes a real feature of any garden.

Dianellas are extremely popular, in fact you’ve probably stepped on a few when getting out of your car at the supermarket, they’re everywhere! Dianellas are available in a large number of varieties and they are an Australian native grass.

Lomandras, like Dianellas, are also an Australian native grass. They will give your garden a lovely texture and there’s a fantastic range just waiting for you at your local garden centre or hardware store.

All these easy to grow, hardy plants are available South Australian grown. If you’re doubt as to which plants are locally grown and which aren’t, just ask the friendly staff at your local hardware store or independent garden centre!


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