Kim takes us for a look into the backyard of South Australian performer extraordinaire Matt Gilbertson! Matt shows us his newly renovated yard and outdoor disco deck!

It’s always great getting into the backyards of South Australian celebrities, and this week’s Celebrity Gardener is a performer extraordinaire! Through his alter ego Hans, he’s been a regular Adelaide Fringe and Cabaret Festival act, as well as being the gossip writer for The Advertiser and Sunday Mail, it’s Matt Gilbertson!

Kim finds Matt in his fabulous garden, only to discover that Matt’s self-confessed contribution to the beautiful area is next to nothing. Matt tells us that his parents are the skilled gardeners in the family and helped him create this lovely garden. Matt did manage to move some gravel and dig some holes though…

Matt shows us the before and after shots of his yard, transforming it from a nightmarish jungle to a low maintenance contemporary paradise. Kim gives Matt some screening tips to prepare his garden for the extension of South Road which will be on his doorstep in no time!

Kim has seen many backyards in his time, but never one with a mirror ball! Matt’s disco deck is a unique and fun addition to his outdoor area and definitely makes it a memorable visit for Kim.


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