If you had to describe a unique community, Blackwood and its surrounding hills suburbs fit the brief perfectly!

Tree and plant filled, you can’t help get the feeling that life up here is a little different to that on the plains. How much different is a question worth asking Marguerite Knight at Banner Mitre 10 Blackwood.

‘Hills gardeners are always keen to be outside and see what’s new to buy’ says Marguerite. And it’s not just natives, of which there is a great selection in this store. Colour is certainly a high priority, especially low maintenance – Arctotis and Cistus are both popular plants up at Blackwood. Hedging is very in vogue, and Woolly Bushes are excellent choices!

From water saving ideas and plants to suit, plus everything you need to know about successful hill gardening, expert Marguerite Knight at Banner Mitre 10 Blackwood is definitely someone you must see!

Banner Mitre 10 Blackwood
191 Main Rd, Blackwood


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