Kim shows you how to grow the South Aussie favourite – citrus, as well as how to do your bit and keep SA fruit fly free with a great Brunnings product!

Take a peek over the fence of most South Aussie backyards and you’re more often than not going to spot a citrus tree growing in the ground or a pot. It could be an orange, a grapefruit, a lime or maybe a lemon. There are loads of different citrus trees available at your local garden centre right now including the Imperial Mandarin, Seedless Valencia Orange, Blood Orange and Kafir Lime.

For those of you who have tried unsuccessfully to grow citrus, Kim is here to help with some expert tips. From soil preparation to fertilising, follow these tips and your citrus will be thriving in no time!

As South Australians we know the importance of keeping our state fruit fly free. A number of recent outbreaks in the metropolitan area have highlighted the need for us all to be vigilant. Kim shows you how you can do your part by hanging a Brunnings On-Guard Mediterranean Fruit Fly Trap in your fruit tree. It comes with a hanger, sticky traps and a specially formulated lure to catch the pesky fruit flies.

There always seems to be something wanting to attack our fruit, well it’s time to fight back with the On-Guard Mediterranean Fruit Fly Trap from Brunnings, available at your local garden centre or hardware store.


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