A well-loved local celebrity, Jane Reilly was a Weather Presenter for many years before moving on to radio with FIVEaa. Jane loves her garden and takes us for a look around!

It’s Celebrity Gardener time again, where we visit someone we all know to catch up and get a tour around their garden. This week’s Celebrity Gardener loves her garden and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, it’s Jane Reilly!

Jane shows Kim her garden in progress including the newest additions, 8 Snow Pears, which Jane chose for their lovely coloured leaves and beautiful blossoms. Kim gives Jane some tips on staking her trees to keep them growing in a straight line while not damaging the trunks.

From Dwarf Nandinas which make a fantastic bordering plant with lovely colour variations in the cooler weather, to a magnificent Agave cluster which Jane regularly breaks suckers off and re-pots, Jane has managed to fit loads into her narrow backyard!

Jane’s citrus in pots are struggling at the moment, so Kim gives some important tips on keeping potted citrus healthy, as well as giving Jane advice on what to plant in her new raised garden bed and where to place it for best sun exposure.

Jane loves her lawn and it shows, her excellently maintained lawn is a real feature of her narrow plot. We take a quick look at Jane’s lovely relaxing patio area where she can sit back and enjoy the garden, then Kim leaves her to finish the mowing!

Jane is part of FIVEaa’s breakfast team where you can catch her from 6am weekdays, 1395am


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