Anyone who grows potted plants knows there are times they don’t look their best and need some attention. Well, here are a few casualties that are up for some garden first aid!

Sure signs that something is wrong with your potted plants is when their leaves start dying back or turning brown or black, they aren’t growing, they’re looking lacklustre. When it comes to evergreen citrus, if they lose their leaves you KNOW something is wrong!

Firstly, check that drainage holes are not blocked or clogged with roots leaving the pot waterlogged. If they are, the plant will need repotting into something larger.

Next, cut back any damaged or dead parts back to fresh growth. This certainly tidies up the plant.

And finally, give the plant a seaweed tonic and a feed. Nothing too high in nitrogen, just a gentle push back to health with an organic fertiliser like Dynamic Lifter. It’s amazing how you can nurse back sick plants with just a little TLC!


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