Bulbs are essentially batteries with all the energy to start developing shoots and roots and shoots stored into one very small but very smart parcel.

Planting is very easy, use a premium grade potting mix and fill the pot.
Follow the detailed planting instructions. Different bulbs have different planting depths.

Which way to plant a bulb is a very common question.
-Daffodils, Jonquils & Tulips keep the pointed end up.
-Hyacinths, the flat part down
-Ranunculus, plant with the fingers facing down.

Once you know which way they go and how deep, it’s all about making sure your pots are well planted, so when they flower, they fill the container.

Bulb gardening is a wonderful experience. If you haven’t tried it before then I suggest you have a go. You only need a pot, some mix and of course a few bulbs. Check out what’s in season in your garden centre now.




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