Great gardens don’t happen by accident. They need thoughtful planning, they need plenty of plants, they definitely need constant work and … they also need someone special to start them off and keep them going.

Located only a 5 minutes from Mount Gambier you’ll find the Barn, an institution for lovers of quality food, fine wines and a peaceful place to stay for visitors and locals alike for over 70 years. What you’ll also find is a most delightful and enchanting garden.

The person responsible for this garden’s creation and continuing maintenance is The Barn’s co-owner Marianne Cleves. She has spent her life turning bare earth into the most exquisite garden, filled with her favourite roses, salvias and many other long flowering perennials.

It’s often said, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, however The Barn’s grand stand of trees were planted in 1926 from seeds brought back from England. To protect the young saplings in their early years, fires were lit around to prevent damage from frost. I reckon the effort was well worth it.

The Barn is an experience for all the senses. Head to the website for more information when planning your next Limestone Coast holiday.






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