With a little rain about, it’s not only the snails that are thinking about the garden! Kim takes us for a look around the fantastic Garden Centre at Banner Mitre 10 Mount Barker.

Your local garden centre is filled to the brim with top South Australian autumn ideas and advice. One place to visit that certainly fits the bill is Banner Mitre 10 at Mount Barker! Kim chats with Garden Centre Manager, Fiona Loveday, who runs us through hills gardening.

Fiona tells us that gardening in the hills is different to gardening down on the plains, and Kim even notices a few different plants for sale in the Garden Centre. Those in the hills need to be careful when selecting plants and go for plants that are frost resistant and don’t mind a colder climate.

At the moment Fiona finds customers are loving vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Trees are also great to buy at the moment, as deciduous trees still have their leaves so you know what you’re getting, much easier than choosing a stick! People are keenly buying roses and perennial colour like Pansies, Violas and Primulas.

Kim spots some local Neutrog South Australian fertilisers on the shelf. Neutrog are an SA owned business with a great range from roses and lawns to orchids!
Kim shows us a great Neutrog product – Sudden Impact for Roses. While it’s not rose feeding time right now, some Sudden Impact for Roses and Seamungus in the planting hole for your bare root roses will give them a great start! You can also use Sudden Impact for Roses for fruit and flowering plants as, you don’t just have to stick to roses.

Fiona tells us about the Advantage Club – a free club that any customer can join for exclusive specials and invitations to events at any of the Banner Mitre 10 stores!

Getting the right garden advice, whether it be what to plant, or what to feed is what successful gardening is all about. Garden Centres like Banner Mitre 10 Mount Barker or their other city and country stores are definitely top places to drop in and visit this autumn!


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