To really get on top of a rodent problem you’ve got be cunning, think like them, and have a few tricks up your sleeve. Thankfully Brunnings have done the hard work for you with The Big Cheese range!

If your bags of potting mix have developed a few holes and the shed has a certain musky odour, chances are you’ve got a rodent problem, and if they’re in here, they’re bound to be inside as well!

Simply spreading bait all over the garden is not recommended. Kim talks us through a far better solution – The Big Cheese traps and bait stations. You’ll find this range of total rodent control solutions at your local garden centre or hardware store.

The ULTRA Power Mouse and Rat Traps are an upgrade on the traditional wood and wire options. It has an easy one touch to set action, comes pre-baited, and is very powerful! Place along walkways and walls where rodents are active, and for best results, put 2 traps 4-5 metres apart facing inwards. While rats will travel up to 50 metres from their nest to forage for food, mice rarely travel more than 10 metres. So if you see a mouse in the area you know you’re close to its nest so set the trap accordingly.

The Big Cheese Mouse and Rat Kill Stations allow the rodents in for a feed and then they disappear. These are sturdy, tamper proof and importantly safe to use around pets and children.

For a ‘softer’ solution, Live Catch Mouse Traps are easy to set up. The lid snaps shut when the trap rocks back and is locked, so no escapees.

If you want a no bait, no set option then how about a Sonic Repeller?! Sending out a rodent repelling frequency that we humans can’t hear but the rodents can, this product from The Big Cheese range is great for the shed or other open spaces. There are a number of models available covering from 37 to 60 square metres and beyond!

Keeping rodents under control is very important, and with The Big Cheese range it’s easy too! You can find the full range at your local Bunnings or other leading hardware store. Head to their website for more information


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