Four houses in Elizabeth Grove have linked their gardens to create the ultimate suburban orchard – Joes Connected Garden!

What do you get when you cross a passion for fruit trees, vines and berries with like-minded neighbours? The most surprising and uplifting group of shared gardens you’re ever likely to visit.

Kim chats with the owner of one of these gardens, Joe, who tells us the story of Joe’s Connected Garden. It all began when Joe’s new neighbour introduced him to the Rare Fruit Society, which he found wasn’t just about rare fruits, it was about growing the fruits that you like to eat.

Joe shows us that in Adelaide you can grow just about anything, from Japanese Persimmon to Amazonian Inga Bean – which tastes just like vanilla ice cream! Joes Connected Garden grows virtually everything, from cool climate berries, apple and pears, to mangoes and avocados.

From a swimming pool filled with waterlilies and yabbies, to the superfood goji berries, everywhere you turn in Joe’s Connected Garden there’s something different!

If you’d like to learn more about the joys of growing fruit in any sized yard, head to the South Australian Rare Fruit Society’s website. It’s filled with loads of great information as well as details on their next meeting. Plus keep an eye out for Joe’s next open garden, don’t miss it!


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