Retaining Walls are such a popular addition to the yard. Where do you begin? Damian Hone from APC certainly can help.

Where do you start when looking a retaining walls?

What about a retaining wall? How easy is it to build your own retaining wall?
With the right products it’s a lot easier than some think. Our most popular block to use is the Versa Wall block by Adbri Masonry. This product is easy & economical to use.

So at APC we rate a retaining wall as a wall about .800 mm & higher.

Versa Wall

What other retaining wall products can you recommend?
Well there is the AB Aussie & the AB Junior which is an excellent product for many years now & great for maximising usable space on your property by terracing your back yard into different dimensions, with steps and garden feature & the versatile Natural Impressions block once again.

AB Aussie
AB Aussie

AB Junior
AB Junior

Natural Impressions
Natural Impressions

Where can we find out more about building your own retaining wall?
Our website has done a lot of the homework for you. We have sorted all the different products in to project types & sorted the products in to Garden Edging, Garden Walls & Retaining Walls. Our Knowledge centre has extensive information for the DIYers & for those who would like the work done for you we can also arrange that on our “Get A Quote” page

For more information head to your local APC store or check out their website






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