Apart for its green good looks, there are plenty of other reasons why adding a splash of lawn in the garden makes good sense.

Although this plant is little it has huge benefits.

Generations of families have grown up with the Aussie backyard and being able to play cricket in their own yard, or enjoy relaxing on balmy summer nights laying on the back lawn.

• Extension of your home – outside room, entertaining space
• Family Health; a space for sport and exercise
• Calm and Cooling; rest and relaxation
• Great safe play space for Kids and Pets•
• Beautify your home – An amazing looking carpet to your yard and garden
• Something to be proud of

Noise is absorbed by grass areas which cut down on excessive sound, a growing problem in urban areas.

Whether you’re enjoying a beer after work with your mates or playing cricket with the kids, your lawn is a healthy space for you to spend time relaxing with your family and friends.

And there are many environmental benefits of lawn

ENVIROMENTAL: Absorbs Carbon, Produce Oxygen, Cooling, Filter, purifier


• Oxygen Producer: FACT: The average home lawn produces more oxygen than the world’s largest tree enough oxygen for a family of four (200m2)
• Climate controller working as “air conditioners.” will keep your home cooler.
• 10 degrees cooler than bare soil, 20 degrees cooler than concrete and 40 degrees cooler than artificial turf!
• Purifier; Cleaning pollutants such as dust, smoke, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide, making air fit to breathe. Lawn is champion for storing carbon, far more efficient trees.
• Lawn is a natural weed suppressor
• Lawns reduce noise and sun glare
• Lawn absorbs noise on slopes beside lowered expressways reduce 8-10 decibels.
• Erosion from run-off is effectively controlled Lawn acts as a natural filter for our waterways
• Key habitat for wildlife, bugs, insects, and birds
• Fire buffer areas of well-maintained lawn grass around buildings is good insurance.


Adds up to 18% more value to you home, on a home worth $450,000 investing in a good lawn could add $80,000.

Cooling effect saves you money on Air Conditioning bills.

We have only touched on the many benefits of lawn, a true gift of nature. Although each plant is small, it contributes so much to our well-being.

You’ll find even more benefits to planting lawn on The Turf Farm website plus a range of the best varieties of turf to roll out and ways to bet the best out of your green carpet.






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