If you’ve ever wondered whether one person can really make a difference, they can! Kristy Barnes of the Sampson Flat Garden Revival is living proof!

The devastating fires that swept through the Adelaide Hills this January have left an indelible mark on the lives of residents both from the physical and financial impact, but also from the incredible support and generosity received from volunteers and strangers wanting to help these communities rebuild.

If you’ve ever wondered whether one person can make a difference, we can honestly say they can! Touched by the home gardens lost through the fires, Kristy Barnes is a lone campaigner who has rapidly gained plenty of supporters. Kristy was emotional when she first saw the fires and wanted to do something to help. It was evident that the food, water and animals were well and truly taken care of, so she sat back and tried to think of how she could help out in a positive, future-oriented way.

Kim chats with Kristy about how she turned an idea into reality with her Sampson Flat Garden Revival Facebook page, with the positive public response being nothing short of amazing!

One of the places Kristy is helping out by supplying the donated plants is Kersbrook Primary, Principal Mike Walsh shows us the fire damage to the school area.

Kristy already has a small team of workers, and there are many ways to get involved. If you’ve got a plant you don’t want anymore, or want to buy a plant or potting mix to donate, the Sampson Flat Garden Revival welcomes any donations!

Head to the Sampson Flat Garden Revival Facebook page to find out how you can do your bit to help out Kristy and her band of volunteers to help regenerate the bushfire damaged gardens of the Adelaide Hills


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