Last week we checked out a spot for a new lawn, measured it up and looked at some top lawn varieties, now’s time to get our hands dirty with the Turf Farm!

Putting in a new lawn is all about the right preparation, Paul Daniel from The Turf Farm in Pinnaroo has all the lawn answers because he grows and knows turf!

Paul explains the importance of excavation in laying turf and Kim takes us through the ways to remove the hard clay top soil.

Paul tells us that 100-150mm of this clay top soil needs to be excavated and replaced with a sandy loam. The reason to use a sandy loam particularly in Adelaide, is because the city is based on heavy clays which hold water and deter the turf from spreading its roots. The sandy loam allows the turf roots to spread out into the top soil and grow well, enjoying the stored nutrients, as well as preventing soil compaction in certain patches.

Kim and Paul give advice on weed removal in the soil preparation process, as well as how to excavate without damaging any trees.

Depending on what type of soil you’re removing, you might find some uses for this top soil around your garden, or someone else’s, so don’t waste it!

Next week, we’ll show you all the ins and outs of irrigation, plus get spreading with some soil!


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