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Kim gets the drill from SA Power Networks on the risks of garden foliage near power lines – and what to do about it.

From overhead to under foot. Would you take lawn tips from someone whose family has been synonymous with lawns in South Australia for 60 years? Kim gets double the advice when he catches up with the Munns.

Most of us have been to Centennial Park but few of us have explored these very beautiful gardens. Kim meets the gardeners here and discovers a ‘bird catching’ tree! Yes it really does catch birds. Don’t worry though, there is a happy ending.

Hate weeding and get frustrated when spraying? We’ll show you some great new devices which take the pain out of these chores and with Christmas soon upon us he looks at a green solution to presents which gets the kids involved.

As Adelaide is Australia’s rose capital and roses are in full bloom in Spring, we couldn’t not show off Adelaide’s beautiful roses. Kim shows how some simple care now will keep them looking fabulous for summer.

Familiar with the song ‘From big things little things grow?’ While some plants can start as innocent imps, there are giants lurking amongst them. An Episode of In the Garden wouldn’t be complete without a chain saw and we put it to good use.

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In the Garden is an exciting new local South Australian TV program on Channel 9 this Summer & next Autumn showcasing the best ‘green’ stories this state has to tell. Check out the latest in garden trends, new plants and top tips to keep those gardens blooming.