Roses are one of the best value flowering plants in your garden! So if they aren’t flowering, the question to ask is why not?

Firstly check they are being watered. Around a bucket of water per bush per week is what’s needed to keep them growing, and double that if you have weeping or standard roses.

If you are using inline drippers, these pump out around 2 litres an hour. If a rose bush needs around 8 litres per week then how many hours do you need to run the drippers?…The answer is 4 hours! If you are only turning on the tap for an hour or less your poor roses are not getting enough water. Either increase the watering or add a few extra drippers to the line to make sure they get that essential moisture!

Next is feeding. After dead heading, your roses will need a burst of energy to produce the next flush. Always use a dedicated flower fertiliser for the right balance of nutrients. Organic based feeds are excellent, and so are liquid types like Thrive Roses, which work a little quicker. Add to a watering can and apply to the base of the plant.

We recommend feeding every month through the growing season, so always keep your rose fertiliser handy. With the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, plus trace elements, your roses will be performing beautifully!


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