Kim catches up with Channel 9 News presenter Brenton Ragless and his self-titled ‘Garden of Shame’!

Brenton Ragless is well known to us all. As a weatherman he either made your picnic in the park a hit or a disaster, and now he’s spreading the news across our screens on Channel 9!

After living in a town house, Brenton and his wife moved into a large block 5 years ago with the intention of starting a family – and he’s very happy to announce that they’re expecting their first child on the 9th of July! With this additional space however, has come all sorts of problems.

Brenton shows us around his garden and Kim gives him tips on soil, lawn, weeds, plants and many more suggestions useful for time poor people like Brenton.

Brenton also shows us his fireman’s shovel from the old South Australian railways and leaves Kim to get in the garden while he heads off to drive a steam engine!


About The Author

In the Garden is an exciting new local South Australian TV program on Channel 9 this Summer & next Autumn showcasing the best ‘green’ stories this state has to tell. Check out the latest in garden trends, new plants and top tips to keep those gardens blooming.