One of the most common accidents in the garden are falls and one of the main culprits are slippery paths and paved areas so what can we do to reduce the problem?

Firstly look at the site. If you are looking to pave then you may want to reconsider, if you can, south facing areas which won’t get much winter sun and likely to remain damp are montys for developing moss and algae.

Next option is diverting water away from hard surfaces either by digging a small channel or laying and placing ag pipe around the edge.

Regular sweeping with a stiff bristled broom can help dislodge existing moss and algae. This needs to be done regularly.

Hot water poured over the pavers is a good for spot problems.

There are commercial algae and moss killers which work well, but be very careful of any run off into the garden which can damage plants.

A softer option to consider is a solution of water to 5 percent white vinegar. Simply apply to the pavers and scrub with a brush or broom. It’s best to do a test patch to make sure you don’t discolour any paving.

Another way is to use a high pressure cleaner. You can hire or buy, they are not that expensive and definitely a good investment in keeping moss and algae at bay.

Have a go at some of these moss and algae options. Whichever works for you, it’s very important to keep safe around the yard.


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