Kids love to be outside. Really, they do!

Running and jumping and exploring – it’s what we did as kids right? And we’ve got the tales and, for some, the scars to prove it.

So it is important to make the garden as safe as possible. Put away any garden tools, have the hose rolled up – tangled hoses are a monty for tripping little legs. And trim back any protruding branches, especially at eye height .

Your local Chemplus Pharmacist is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to looking after kids outdoors

Some of the essential things we can do to keep kids safe outside:

– Apply sunscreen regularly
– Wear a hat
– Keep hydrated
– Sunglasses are excellent
– Wear long sleeves

Should we be concerned about kids getting dirty?

– Exposing immune system
– Playing outdoors improves strength agility

If anyone needs more information on keeping kids safe in the garden, drop in to your Chemplus Chemist.

Kids and gardens. What a perfect match.






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