South Australia is blessed with so many inspiring and talented people. People who make the extraordinary possible, whose creations make us stop with wonder. Let me introduce to you to one of those people.

Nick Mount has been one of Australia’s leading figures in the studio glass movement since the early 1970s and is a passionate advocate of glass as an artistic medium in this country.

Nick creates pieces that are truly mesmerizing and beautiful. Another truly beautiful thing is his garden which he, and his wife Pauline, spend time tending and designing.

The garden is full of intrigue. Raised garden beds have never looked do good with the specially modified fiberglass row boats, jam packed full of vegetables, excellently placed in an island of greenery – as Nick notes, “looks like they are cutting their way through the sea of plants”.

Nick Mount and Pauline’s garden has been a constant source of inspiration for his designs and its ability to put him in a creative head space.


About The Author

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