Summer Care – How to keep your lawn looking good over summer

The Summer sun is out and we Aussie’s love getting outdoors with our mates for a BBQ and cricket on our back lawn. So you’ll need to keep your ‘outdoor room’ in tip top shape & looking its best.

• Watering is most critical in hot weather.
• Firstly, check for dry patches? Check your watering system is working well,
• or it could be your soil has become non wetting causing your lawn to dry out.
• Ideally during the summer months, watering for at least 1 hour per week over one or two timeslots should be sufficient

What can we do if have persistent dry patches?
• You can apply a wetting agent to increase your soil’s water absorbency, especially on sandy soils, and to ensure that your soil isn’t ‘hydrophobic’ and repelling water.
• Simply applying a product such as Lawn Lovers Lawn Soaker

• Mow regularly each 7-12 days
• Your mower should be raised by now
• Keeping a bit of length on the leaf blade will actually keep your lawn healthier.
• Shorter lawns need a lot more watering as the soil is more exposed.
• Keeping a bit of length on the leaf shades the soil, keeps it cooler & much less exposed for evaporation.
• Another tip is to make sure you never mow more than 1/3 of the leaf tip off in any single mowing.

What if your lawn looks white after mowing?
• Your mower blades need sharpening! When the blades are blunt they tend to ‘tear’ the blades rather than cut them.

• Your lawn may have used all its spring fertiliser and be hungry again.
• Applying fertiliser early in the summer to top up your lawn through the hotter months.
• Apply a good complete granular slow release fertiliser at the recommended rate
• To test if you need more fertiliser… in one section of the lawn in the space of roughly 1m x 1m, apply twice the amount.

If in a few weeks’ time this area has better colour & performing a lot better than the rest of your lawn, fertilise again at the recommended rate. Sometimes your lawn may just need an extra boost.



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