The Clare Valley is one of South Australia’s premier farming districts. While wine automatically springs to mind, there are many other agricultural ventures taking advantage of this fertile region.

With new generations, come new ideas, Michelle Lally and her husband Phil, of Savannah Farm, 15 minutes east of Clare, have changed the way they farm and are reaping the benefits

This is farm more akin to a home garden with particular attention on the relationship between the animals, the farmer and the soil.

Running sheep, pigs and chickens, each plays their special part in maintaining the health of the land. The pigs root through the ground, turning and aerating soil while also removing many weeds. The natural pasture grasses then grow and seed.

The sheep follow the pasture grasses eating and keeping in check while their hard hooves push the seeds further into the soil and help with the next generation.

The chickens rotate after the sheep and their manure helps the seeds to germinate and flourish.

Smart farming.



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