Mention the words summer and gardening and there’s one thing we all think about and that’s watering. Being water smart means using products that deliver water efficiently.

How you water is often a personal choice. You can hang on to a hose and take your time getting around the yard. However, if time is something you don’t have, then getting water to plants in a quick and water saving way is definitely something worth trying.

Drip irrigation has been around for many years. Long lines of poly pipe with drippers attached are common in many gardens.

Drop into your local Mitre 10 and the wonderful world of irrigation is there for you to enjoy.
If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add drip irrigation to your garden, then the new Easy Drip, available from your local Mitre 10 is right up your alley. All you need to get the system up and running comes in one box.

These drippers never blow off. Have a look at this. When you twist the dripper it pushes out a sharp barb that neatly inserts into the tube. When attached, this Easy Drip is firmly in place. Add a stake and your watering is set.

You can adjust the flow of each dripper from 0 to 40 litres per hour which means you can successfully run both high and low water use plants on the same run.

Moving a dripper is also easy. Simply unwind the existing dripper, unlock and remove. Don’t worry about the hole left behind. This natty little device, which comes with your Easy Drip Universal Kit will do the trick.

When it comes to sprinklers look no further than the Lo-Flo Sprinkler that uses only a fraction of the water of conventional sprinklers. Throwing at a near horizontal angle the wind won’t catch this spray and waste it. This sprinkler even works directly off a rain water tank without a pump. Both the Lo-Flo Sprinkler and the new Lo-Flo Garden Spike can be linked together to water large areas and deliver that water in a slow, steady and soaking manner – just the way plants like it.

When it comes to hoses, you get what you pay for. If you want to avoid the dreaded kinking, then kink resistant is the way to go, as is UV stabilized and a long warranty

Same goes for hose fittings, if you’re sick and tired of connectors constantly blowing off then these Hozelock connectors with this natty tail, which stops the hose from kinking and creating unnecessary pressure at the tap are definitely worth looking out for.

By adding a few water smart products to, you’ll definitely save time, money and water in your garden this summer.








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