If your plants are looking a little tired you need an organic fertiliser, Yates Dynamic Lifter Plus to the rescue!

For tired plants, the fertiliser aisle at your local garden centre or hardware store is the perfect place to start. Most organic fertilisers are based on manures or something similar. Spread around, they are a great way to give the garden a slow, low nutrient trickle that keeps plants, including Australian natives, ticking over.

The original Yates Dynamic Lifter is a great example of the straight, no nonsense general organic fertiliser that you can spread around without burning any delicate roots. It’s a great base, however, some plants need a different mix or amount of nutrients that a general organic feed can’t supply.

In the case of the Yates Dynamic Lifter Plus range, smart technology has infused additional nutrients into an organic fertiliser, so now you can match your plant with the right combination! Kim shows you the range and tells you what nutrients your different plants need.

Choosing a fertiliser doesn’t have to be difficult. Keep it simple by knowing what plant needs feeding and the rest is easy with the Yates Dynamic Lifter Plus range!


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